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Fungi: Basidiomycota: Agaricomycetes: Agaricales: Amanitaceae: Amanita vaginata (Bull.) Lam. 1783

Amanita vaginata – Grisette

Synonyms: Agaricus albus, Agaricus fungites, Agaricus hyalinus, Agaricus hyperboreus, Agaricus plumbeus, Agaricus strangulatus, Agaricus urceolatus, Agaricus vaginatus, Amanita fungites, Amanita hyperborea, Amanita livida, Amanita strangulata, Amanita violacea, Amanitopsis albida, Amanitopsis endochorda, Amanitopsis hyperborea, Amanitopsis plumbea, Amanitopsis strangulata, Amanitopsis urceolata, Amanitopsis vaginata, Fungus phalloides, Polyporus albus, Pseudofarinaceus hyperboreus, Vaginata hyperborea, Vaginata livida.

Common name: grisette.

Russian names: Poplavok seryy, Mukhomor vlagalishchnyy.

Extract from Wikipedia article: Amanita vaginata, commonly known as the grisette, is an edible mushroom in the Amanitaceae family of fungi. Unlike many other Amanita mushrooms, A. vaginata lacks a ring on the stem. The cap is gray or brownish, 5 to 10 centimetres (2.0 to 3.9 in) in diameter, and has furrows around the edge that duplicate the gill pattern underneath. It has a widespread distribution in North America, and is thought to be part of a species complex that includes other similar-looking Amanitas.

Photos of this mushroom from the area of St. Petersburg, Russia

Grisette mushroom (<B>Amanita vaginata</B>) in Sosnovka Park. Saint Petersburg, Russia, <A HREF="../date-en/2017-09-16.htm">September 16, 2017</A>
LinkGrisette mushroom (Amanita vaginata) in Sosnovka Park. Saint Petersburg, Russia, September 16, 2017
Location on mapsСанкт-Петербург, парк Сосновка


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