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Fungi: Basidiomycota: Agaricomycetes: Agaricales: Cortinariaceae: Cortinarius violaceus (L.) Gray, 1821

Cortinarius violaceus – Violet webcap

Synonyms: Agaricus violaceus, Amanita araneosa, Gomphos violaceus, Inoloma violaceum.

Common name: violet webcap.

Russian name: Pautinnik fioletovyy.

Extract from Wikipedia article: Cortinarius violaceus, commonly known as the violet webcap or violet cort, is a fungus in the webcap genus Cortinarius native across the Northern Hemisphere. The fruit bodies are dark purple mushrooms with caps up to 15 cm (6 in) across, sporting gills underneath. The stalk measures 6 to 12 centimetres (2 ⁄3 to 4 ⁄3 in) by 1 to 2 centimetres (⁄8 to ⁄4 in), sometimes with a thicker base. The dark flesh has a smell reminiscent of cedar wood. Forming symbiotic (mycorrhizal) relationships with the roots of various plant species, C. violaceus is found predominantly in conifer forests in North America and deciduous forests in Europe.

Photos of this mushroom from the area of St. Petersburg, Russia

Violet webcap mushrooms (<B>Cortinarius violaceus</B>) in Dibuny, north-west from Saint Petersburg, Russia, <A HREF="../date-en/2016-08-09.htm">August 9, 2016</A>
LinkViolet webcap mushrooms (Cortinarius violaceus) in Dibuny, north-west from Saint Petersburg, Russia, August 9, 2016
Location on mapsСанкт-Петербург, Курортный район, посёлок Песочный
Violet webcap mushroom (<B>Cortinarius violaceus</B>) in Mshinskaya, Luga Region. Russia, <A HREF="../date-en/2016-09-02.htm">September 2, 2016</A>
LinkViolet webcap mushroom (Cortinarius violaceus) in Mshinskaya, Luga Region. Russia, September 2, 2016
Location on mapsЛенинградская область, Лужский район, Мшинское сельское поселение


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