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Fungi: Ascomycota: Leotiomycetes: Rhytismatales: Rhytismataceae: Propolis farinosa (Pers.) Fr., 1849

Propolis farinosa

Synonyms: Cryptomyces versicolor, Hymenula alba, Hysterium fagineum, Mellitiosporium versicolor, Polydesmia rosae, Propolis alba, Propolis betulae, Propolis cinerescens, Propolis epilobii, Propolis faginea, Propolis fulva, Propolis parallela, Propolis rhodoleuca, Propolis rosae, Propolis rubella, Propolis saligna, Propolis strobilina, Propolis transversalis, Propolis versicolor, Propolis viridis, Propolomyces farinosus, Propolomyces versicolor, Sclerotium album, Stictis alba, Stictis cinerescens, Stictis farinosa, Stictis fulva, Stictis rhodoleuca, Stictis strobilina, Stictis versicolor, Tremella saligna, Xylogramma album.

Russian name: Propolis muchnistyy.

Photos of this mushroom from the area of St. Petersburg, Russia

Small Ascomycete mushrooms <B>Propolis farinosa</B> on a wet stick west from Kuzmolovo, near Saint Petersburg. Russia, <A HREF="../date-en/2021-05-07.htm">May 7, 2021</A>
LinkSmall Ascomycete mushrooms Propolis farinosa on a wet stick west from Kuzmolovo, near Saint Petersburg. Russia, May 7, 2021
Location on mapsUnnamed Road, Leningradskaya oblast', Russia, 188663


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