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Fungi: Basidiomycota: Pucciniomycetes: Pucciniales: Pucciniaceae: Puccinia poarum Nielsen, 1877

Puccinia poarum – Coltsfoot rust gall

Synonyms: Aecidium petasitis, Aecidium tussilaginis, Pleomeris poarum, Puccinia conspicua.

Common name: coltsfoot rust gall.

Russian name: Puktsiniya myatlikovaya.

Extract from Wikipedia article: Puccinia poarum,, the coltsfoot rust gall or meadow grass rust, is a plant pathogen. This fungal parasite forms a bright yellow gall, 1–2 cm across, on the underside of leaves of the coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) and infects, but does not gall grasses of the Poaceae family.

Photos of this mushroom from the area of St. Petersburg, Russia

Coltsfoot lower epidermis with rust (coltsfoot rust gall, <B>Puccinia poarum</B>) in Petiayarvi, north from Saint Petersburg. Russia, <A HREF="../date-en/2017-07-21.htm">July 21, 2017</A>
LinkColtsfoot lower epidermis with rust (coltsfoot rust gall, Puccinia poarum) in Petiayarvi, north from Saint Petersburg. Russia, July 21, 2017
Location on mapsЛенинградская область, Приозерский район, поселок станции Петяярви, Железнодорожная улица


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